Cosplay is awesome. I used to be intimidated by real life models, but then I realized that they are just voice activated action figures. Now I love em!
An old show business adage is to never work with animals, or children. However, taking photos of animals can be fun and cathartic.
Rural Life
There is a lot of beautiful things in the world when one gets outside of the cities.
Personally I love photography that tells a story. A story adds a depth to an image that extends well beyond the frame. These images are the stories I've been able to tell with my own camera.
Star Wars Impressionism
Star Wars as scene through the lens of the great Impressionist painters of old.
Self Portraiture
"The only model that would put up with me" - Paul Howard. Much more than a selfie, self portraiture is art that allows me to explore various aspects of my personality. Nothing says "this is what I am really like" that glimpses inside my psyche thru self portraits. These photos allow me to explore various aspects of my personality, from suffering from depression, hubris, my place in history, my place in geekdom, and my crazy sense of humour.
When done right, the urban environment, and the architecture it contains, is art unto itself. Exploring these environment with the lens is a great way to highlight this fact.
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