Comic Covers
This plucky robot often travels with me, and gets into all sorts of whacky adventures along the way.
Building The Millennium Falcon
When I built the epic LEGO Millennium Falcon, I took some images along the way, in the style of vintage shipyard photos.
Deadpool is by far my favourite comic book character, so it is no surprise he features heavily in my work.
The grey pilgrim from Lord of the Rings. This wanderer of Middle Earth often captures my imagination like few other characters do.
Photos made from those plucky plastic bricks.
Comics, especially Marvel, are a huge source of entertainment and inspiration.
My Own Creations
When action figures or backgrounds are hard to come by, I often make my own right here in my studio. They make up some of my most favourite photos I've made.
The year 2020 is when it all went wrong. However with great adversity comes great inspiration.
Random Things
Random things go here. I mean, where else would they go?
... does whatever a spider can.
Star Wars
Star Wars is another universe I love. There is something about a dystopian future filled with quirky characters that grabs the imagination and doesn't let go.
If it has an engine, it goes here. vroom. vroom.
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