A Life In Brick
The real world was not designed at the LEGO scale. I find it interesting to put these minifigures into real world settings to see what life is like at 1:48 scale.
Scenes From A Far Away Galaxy
There are few things more iconic to pop culture than Star Wars, and few things more iconic to the world of toys than LEGO. Putting the two together is a natural fit, and creates a universe that is rich in possibilities.
Music And Sports
There are few things that makes one feel alive than being outdoors, and rocking out to awesome tunes. These images explore the joy that is physical activity with a soundtrack.
One Light Portraits
Light plays an important role in all photography. My work often uses multiple light sources on a single image. I wanted to explore using a minimal light setup to see how minifigs of various forms look. I enjoyed the simplicity of the shots, so I kept going.
One Street Light
Your average small town street corners sees a lot of activity over the course of a day, but often in small individual moments. This series explores a wide variety of events that may occur on the same street corner over time.
Building The Millennium Falcon
Historical photos from the Corellian Ship Yards of the creation of the ship that would eventually become the infamous Millennium Falcon. I always loved the old photos of giant ships under construction in the old ship yards - like the Titanic. This series is a way for me to explore that style of image.
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