I am a Canadian born artist that currently lives in North Carolina.  

I am an unconventionally trained photographer whose artistic journey started on Google Plus where I studied the art of photography with an informal group known as Photography Scavengers.  I went on to train under the mentorship of Canadian master photographer Ron Clifford in The Arcanum Academy Of Artistic Mastery, a digital art school created by Trey Ratcliff.  

I learned early on in my journey as an artist that I see the world thru a slightly different lens than most people I have met.  I have learned to embrace that side of me, and let it come out in my art.   I am both very serious, and very playful at the same time, and I love to tell a good story. Working with LEGO works well for me in that respect.  The selection of models allows me to tell complicated stories in a deep impactful way. The fact that they are toys brings me back to those moments in my childhood where I remember creating complex worlds in my bedroom using LEGO bricks, and fosters a sense of playfulness.  A sense of play is just as important in adults as it is in childhood, as it sparks creativity.  Creativity is food for the soul.
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